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107th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2001-December 2002]

107th United States Congress - Senators [January 2001-December 2002]

108th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2003-December 2004]

108th United States Congress - Senators [January 2003-December 2004]

109th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2005-December 2006]

109th United States Congress - Senators [January 2005-December 2006]

110th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2007-December 2008]

110th United States Congress - Senators [January 2007-December 2008]

111th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2009-December 2010]

111th United States Congress - Senators [January 2009-December 2010]

112th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2011-December 2012]

112th United States Congress - Senators [January 2011-December 2012]

113th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2013-December 2014]

113th United States Congress - Senators [January 2013-December 2014]

114th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2015-December 2016]

114th United States Congress - Senators [January 2015-December 2016]

115th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2017-December 2018]

115th United States Congress - Senators [January 2017-December 2018]

116th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2019-December 2020]

116th United States Congress - Senators [January 2019-December 2020]

117th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2021-December 2022]

117th United States Congress - Senators [January 2021-December 2022]

118th United States Congress - Representatives [January 2023-December 2024]

118th United States Congress - Senators [January 2023-December 2024]

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

Allegedly Gay Republicans

AOL's Top 10 Newsmaker Searches [2008]

AOL's Top 10 Politician Searches

AOL's Top 10 Politician Searches [2007]

Ask Men's Top 10 Craziest Assassinations

Ask Men's Top 10 Political Sex Scandals

Askmen's Top 10 Crazy Political Commentators


Bernard Goldberg's 100 People Who are Screwing Up America

Bill of Rights


Blogspot's Evil Leaders League

Burger's Court

California Governor Recall [2003]

Carpetbaggers [Some Alleged]

Censured/Reprimanded Members of Congress

Cesar Sayoc Mail Bomb Recipients [2018]

Communist Countries in 2000

Complex.com's 20 Hottest Celebrity Republicans [2012]

Conspiracy Theorists

CREW's Worst Governors

Dreyfus Affair

Featured in Stephen K. Bannon’s ‘The Undefeated’

Fuckable Democrats

Fuckable Republicans

Googles Top 10 Political News Source Searches [2008]

Governors of COVID-19

Holocaust Deniers

Human Events’ Conservative of the Year

I am a Libertarian

I am a Nazi

I Appeared in ShePAC’s Happy 50th Birthday Video to Sarah Palin [2014]

I Attended the Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial [Aug. 28, 2010]

I Mocked Hitler

I Named Names

I Opposed SOPA [2012]

I Slept in the Lincoln Bedroom

I Sought Political Office

I Spoke at Politicon

I Vowed to Leave the US if the Candidate I Didn't Support for President was Elected

I Was a Capitol Intern

I was at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear [October 30, 2010]

I Worked at the C.I.A.

I'm a Communist

Jack Huberman's 101 People Who are Really Screwing America [2006]

Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World [Book]

Liquid Generation's 10 Best Political Ads

Liquid Generations 10 Most Awkward Political Gaffes

List Universe's Top Ten Greatest US Presidential Acts


Mediaite’s Top 25 TV Pundits [2010]

Middle East Conflict

Nerve's America's Top 10 Political Sex Scandals [2007]

Newsmax's 100 Most Influential Pro-Life Advocates [2015]

Newsweek's 50 Highest-Earning Political Figures [2010]

Political Parties

Political Pundits

Politifact's Lie of the Year

Presidential Debate Moderators [United States]

Pro-Choice Republicans

Pro-Life Democrats

Republicans Who Support Same Sex Marriage

Right Wing News' 10 Best Quotes [2021]

Right Wing News' 20 Most Obnoxious Quotes [2016]

Right Wing News' 20 Most Obnoxious Quotes [2018]

Right Wing News' 20 Most Obnoxious Quotes [2019]

Right Wing News' 20 Most Obnoxious Quotes [2020]

Right Wing News' 25 Most Obnoxious Quotes [2022]

Right Wing News' 30 Most Obnoxious Quotes [2021]

Right Wing News 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes [2008]

Right Wing News' 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2007

SarahPAC's ‘Take Back the 20’ Map Democrats [2010]

Signers of the Constitution

Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Steven Colbert's 10 Women with 'Lady Balls'

Steven Colbert's Got to Better Know My District

Terrorist/Hate Groups

The Profumo Affair

The Sharky Guys'.com Top Ten 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Nutjobs

The Squad Members [United States Congress]

Time Magazine's 10 Worst Cabinet Members

Time's Top 10 Sarah Palin Spoofs [2008]

U.N. Secretary Generals

U.S. Congressional Representatives

U.S. Governors

U.S. Senators

UK Telegraph's Top 25 Political Speeches of All Time [August 28, 2008]

United Against Hate

War on Terrorism Players

We Demanded a Political Campaign to Stop Using Our Song


White House Press Secretaries

Wordpress' Hottest Heads of State [2009]

Wordpress' Hottest Heads of State [2010]

Yahoo!-France's Top 20 Politician Searches [2006]

Yahoo!'s Top 10 Politician Searches [2006]

Yahoo!'s Top 10 Politician Searches [2008]

Yahoo!'s Top 10 Politician Searches [2009]

YouGov’s 20 Most Popular Democrats [2022]

YouGov’s 20 Most Popular Republicans [2022]

YouGov’s Most Popular Politicians in America [2022]

YouGov's 20 Most Popular Global Politicians [2022]


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