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Greer Garson

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The Resume

    (September 29, 1903-April 6, 1996)
    Won the 1942 Oscar for Best Actress (Mrs. Miniver)
    Acted in 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips,' 'Random Harvest,' 'Pride and Prejudice,' 'Madame Curie' and 'Sunrise at Campobello'

Why she might be annoying:

    She gave the longest acceptance speech in Academy Award history at over seven minutes (March 4, 1943).
    She began the speech by saying 'I am practically unprepared.'
    Legend of the speech grew to such an extent that it was said that she spoke for over half an hour and the presenter had to be given a chair to sit in.
    She made a sequel to 'Mrs. Miniver' called 'The Miniver Story,' that bombed so badly that it derailed her career.
    She married Richard Ney, the actor who played her son in 'Mrs. Miniver.'
    She lied about her age claiming she was born in 1908.
    She married Edward Snelson the day before her thirtieth birthday (September 28, 1933).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She joked about the speech for years afterwards.
    She had nice legs.
    Other actresses turned down the role of Mrs. Miniver, because they did not want to play the mother of a grown son. Although initially she also turned down the role, she gave it her all and won the Oscar.

Credit: Jon Mullich

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