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Road To Avonlea

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TV Series

The Resume

    Born in Canada
    Aired on CBC and the Disney Channel
    Based on the writings of Lucy Maud Montgomery
    Sarah Polley as Sara Stanley
    Jackie Burroughs as Aunt Hetty
    Mag Ruffman as Aunt Olivia
    Gema Zamprogna as Felicity King
    Michael Mahonen as Gus Pike
    Premise: Sara, a wealthy girl from Montreal, goes to live with her relatives in rural Prince Edward Island in the early 1900s

Why Road To Avonlea might be annoying:

    It is as syrupy as great-grandma’s molasses pudding.
    It does not follow the original stories very closely.
    The heavy old fashioned costumes led to the cast calling the show ‘Road to Agony’ during summer filming.
    Sarah Polley claimed the show exploited her and left it on bad terms.
    The producers got into a feud with Lucy Maud Montgomery’s heirs over royalties.

Why Road To Avonlea might not be annoying:

    It is safe to watch with the entire family.
    Unlike most Canadian shows, it had a large budget and high production values.
    It is one of the most internationally successful Canadian shows ever made.
    It won four Emmys.
    It made a star of Sarah Polley.
    It has many notable guest stars such as Faye Dunaway, Christopher Lloyd, Madeline Kahn and Ned Beatty.

Credit: Georgina

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