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Melora Hardin

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The Resume

    (June 29, 1967- )
    Raised in Los Angeles
    Acted in 'The Hannah Montana Movie,' '17 Again,' 'The Hot Chick (2002),' 'Absolute Power,' 'Undercover Kid,' 'Miles from Nowhere,' 'Rocketeer,' 'Lambada,' 'Big Man on Campus,' 'Soul Man (1986),' and 'Iron Eagle'
    Portrayed Jan Levinson on 'The Office' and Baby on 'Dirty Dancing'
    Recorded 'Anywhere the Wind Blows' 'St. Theresa' and 'Meloradrama'

Why she might be annoying:

    She was a child starlet.
    She started dancing at five and acting at eight.
    She played guitar until her fingers were covered with blisters.
    As a child, her mom insisted that her fillings be porcelain rather than silver.
    She owns three cats.
    During her wedding, her brides maids snuck off to get food at Taco Bell.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her father is actor Jerry Hardin.
    She invites visitors to her website to download her MP3s and photos.
    She was awarded a scholarship to Joffrey Ballet School.
    She attended Sarah Lawrence College.
    She backpacked through Europe.

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