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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The Resume

    (1681- )
    Chartered by William Penn (1701)
    Location of the first continental Congress meeting (1775)
    US Declaration of Independence adopted and read to the people in Philadelphia (1776)
    Captured by the British (1777)
    Recaptured by the Americans (1778)
    Bank of North America opened (1783)
    US Capital (1790-1800)
    Played a crucial role during the Civil War
    Grew during the Industrial Revolution
    Site of the first US World's Fair (1876)
    Lost a large number of residents in the 1950s
    Major nicknames are 'City of Brotherly Love' and 'Nation's Birthplace'
    Attractions include the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and numerous museums, parks and streets

Why Philadelphia, Pennsylvania might be annoying:

    Due to unplanned development, the streets are sometimes congested.
    The Eastern State Penitentiary is located there.
    It suffered five yellow fever epidemics in 27 years (1793-1820).
    It was the scene of fierce gun battles between police and inner city thugs in the 1970s.
    The city's political and economic importance has declined substantially since the 1800's.

Why Philadelphia, Pennsylvania might not be annoying:

    It is consistently rated one of the best US cities to live in.
    It is the home of the University of Pennsylvania.
    There is room for both urbanization and greenery.
    Its metropolitan area is huge and extends into Delaware and New Jersey
    It produced equipment and weapons for the military.
    One of the US Mint buildings is located there.
    It is one of a handful of cities to serve as the US capital.
    The first American printing press, public library, hospital, stock exchange, commercial bank and paved turnpike were built in Philadelphia.
    Benjamin Franklin is buried there.

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