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Elizabeth McGovern

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The Resume

    (July 18, 1961- )
    Acted in 'Last Year's Model (1979),' 'She's Having a Baby (1988),' 'Manila (2000),' 'Buffalo Soldiers (2001)' and 'In God's Hands (2003)'
    Portrays Helen Shaw on 'The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire'

Why she might be annoying:

    Her family moved to Los Angeles when her father was transferred to UCLA.
    She performed in elementary, junior and high school plays.
    She focused on theater rather than film.
    Her husband, Simon Curtis, is a producer/director who helps get her foot in a few doors.
    During a play, while praying over a bed with candles, the bed caught on fire.
    She continued praying while trying to pat out the flames hoping no one would notice, but people noticed when firemen suddenly appeared on stage.
    She dropped out of Juilliard to keep her role for 'Ordinary People.'

Why she might not be annoying:

    She trained at American Conservatory Theater and Juilliard School of Dramatic Art.
    She was nominated for an Acadamy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
    She is the mother of two children.
    Had she not chosen acting, she said: 'I probably would have become a veterinarian, or lived on a ranch somewhere and raised horses, or become more serious about painting, or I might have worked in a Burger King.'

Credit: Skunk Butt

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