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Montreal Wanderers

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Sports Team

The Resume

    FAHL (1903-05)
    ECAHA (1905-09)
    NHA (1909-17)
    NHL (1917-18)
    Stanley Cup Challenge Champs (March 1906, December 1906, March 1907, January 1908, March 1908 (Twice), December 1908)
    Stanley Cup Champs (1910)
    Began playing professionally (January 1910)
    Won the first NHL game ever played (December 19, 1917)
    Hall of Famers: Dickie Boon, Harry Cameron, Sprague Cleghorn, Jimmy Gardner, Joe Hall, Riley Hern, Tom Hooper, Harry Hyland, Ernie Johnson, Jack Marshall, Lester Patrick, Gordie Roberts, Art Ross, Ernie Russell, Bruce Stuart and Hod Stuart
    Played at Westmount Arena (1909-18)

Why they might be annoying:

    They only played six games in the NHL.
    They only won one NHL game and lost five.
    The first professional hockey league, the CHA, refused to accept the Wanderers, in that other owners disliked their owner. So they help form the WHA, which ran the CHA out of business.
    They never played a season with more than two dozen games.
    Their owner, Sam Lichtenhein, spear-headed a drive that kicked Toronto Blueshirts owner Eddie Livingstone out of the NHA for unethical business practices (1916). When Livingston threaten to sue the NHA, so rather than fight, the league was disbanded in favor of the NHL.
    After winning the first NHL game ever played, they never won again.
    Due to injuries and WW I, there was a lack of player for the Wanderers. Other teams sent them substitutes.
    A suspicious fire broke out in their locker room that destroyed their arena. The Canadiens and Hamilton, Ontario offered to share their rinks with the Wanderers, but they chose to fold instead.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They chose the name Wanderers, because they planned to win the Stanley Cup and roam around Canada accepting challenges.
    In their first Stanley Cup Challenge, they tied the best hockey team in Canada, the Ottawa Silver Seven 5-5 in a Stanley Cup Challenge. Ottawa refused to agree on a location to play a second game and retained the cup (March 2, 1904).
    Since holding the cup, they only lost one Stanley Cup Challenge (January 21, 1907). The team they lost to, the Kenora Thistles, had some salaried players.
    Their captain, Art Ross, is the namesake for the Art Ross Trophy.
    The Victorias represented the Scottish fans, the Shamrocks represented the Irish fans and they represented the English fans.
    They along with the Quebec Bulldogs, Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators formed the NHL (November 22, 1917). Quebec could not field a team so they were replaced by the Toronto Arenas who took players from the defunct Toronto Blueshirts.
    They won the first NHL game ever played, Beating Toronto, 10-9 (December 19, 1917).

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