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Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell

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Why Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell might be annoying:

    Its director, Don Mischer, called the show 'one of the greatest disasters in television history.'
    It lasted only 18 episodes.
    Because of Cosell's fame, the other Saturday Night Live was known as 'NBC's Saturday Night' its first season.
    Alan King, who was the show's 'executive in charge of comedy,' said of Cosell's awkwardness as host, 'He made Ed Sullivan look like Buster Keaton.'
    One critic described it as 'a show where Frank Sinatra didn't sing and Jimmy Connors did.'

Why Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell might not be annoying:

    SNL dubbed its regulars the 'Not Ready for Prime Time Players' as a joking response to 'The Prime Time Players.'
    The three original Prime Time Players all became SNL cast members.
    It had an eclectic line-up ranging from the Bay City Rollers making their American debut to a live report with Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier on the eve of the 'Thriller in Manila.'
    In an era when the Starland Vocal Band and Pink Lady could host variety shows, does Howard Cosell still seem like that odd a choice?

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