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The Resume

    (December 10, 1817- )
    20th state to join
    Second of eleven states to secede and join the Confederacy
    Seceded: January 9, 1861
    Readmitted: February 23, 1870
    Hernando de Soto claims the land for Spain (1540)
    First settlement established by Pierre le Moyne (1699)
    Nickname: Magnolia State
    Capital: Jackson
    Size: 47,716 square miles (ranks 32nd)
    Motto: By Valor And Arms
    Bird: Mockingbird
    Flower: Magnolia
    Tree: Magnolia
    Song: Go, Mississippi

Why Mississippi might be annoying:

    The answer to the question what has four eyes (I's), yet cannot see?
    Hernan de Soto observed the first recorded flood in America (Mississippi R) (March 18, 1541).
    When gold was not discovered, the Spanish vacated the land.
    The land was owned by Spain, then France, the Britain, the Spain again and obtain by the U.S. in a treaty (1795).
    The Trail of Tears - Congress orders Native Americans to move out of Mississippi to Louisiana (March 26, 1804).
    Jefferson Davis of Mississippi & 4 other southern senators resign (January 21, 1861).
    Mississippi is the second state to secede (January 9, 1861).
    US forts & property seized by Mississippi (January 10, 1861).
    The Steamboat 'Sultana' exploded in the Mississippi River and killed up to 1,547 (April 27, 1865).
    During the Civil War, the highest percentage of population killed was among those of Mississippi.
    Temperatures range from -19ºF (January 30, 1966) to 115ºF (July 29, 1930).
    1,800 die in the third worst hurricane in US history (October 1, 1893).
    Natchex Mississippi was hit by tornado, killing 500 die (June 16, 1842).
    Tornadoes killed 219 people in Alabama & Mississippi (April 1920).
    Tornado virtually annihilates Tupelo, 216 died (April 5, 1936).
    Mississippi is the first state to ratify the 18th amendment (prohibition) (January 8, 1918).
    A Nazi U-boat sank a US cargo ship at the mouth of the Mississippi River (May 12, 1942).
    Twenty blacks were killed in the Carrollton Massacre (March 17, 1886).
    Twenty-seven Freedom Riders were arrested in Jackson, Mississippi (May 24, 1961).
    JFK sent 3,000 federal troops to integrate the University of Mississippi (September 1962). James Meredith became the first black to attend the University of Mississippi.
    Activist James Meredith was wounded by a white sniper in Mississippi (June 6, 1966).
    The Mississippi Highway Patrol killed 2 at Jackson State College (May 15, 1970).
    Mississippi formally abolished slavery & ratified 13th Amendment (March 16, 1995).

Why Mississippi might not be annoying:

    When it became a US territory, settlers from Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas quickly moved down to Mississippi.
    The U.S. separated the territory into Mississippi and Alabama.
    Mississippi is home to many jazz blues musicians.
    Leslie West and Mountain recorded 'Mississippi Queen.'
    Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, William Faulkner, Jefferson Davis, John Lee Hooker, Albert King, Edie Adams, Jimmy Reed and Bobbie Gentry were born in Mississippi.
    It is famous for the Mississippi River steamboats.
    The card game poker was probably invented on a Mississippi River boat (First mention of poker published; November 1, 1834).
    Mississippi established the first US state college for women (March 12, 1884).
    The 4H club was organized in Holmes County (1907).
    The TV series 'In The Heat of the Night' and 'Pvt. Benjamin' were set in Mississippi.
    2 women in Columbus, Mississippi began the observance of Memorial Day (May 30, 1868).
    Mississippi became the 9th state readmitted to the US after Civil War (February 17, 1870).
    B.B. King donated his 7,000 record collection to the University of Mississippi (January 21, 1987).
    Mississippi became the first state to settle a tobacco suit (July 3, 1997).

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