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New York City, New York

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The Resume

    (January 1, 1898- )
    World's most famous city
    World Capital (United Nations)
    Founded in 1898 when Brooklyn joined New York
    Dutch began settling the area (1609)
    Dutch settlers purchased Manhattan Island for 60 guilders ($24) and took the name New Amsterdam (1626)
    Dutch surrender the land to the British and were given the Republic of Suriname (1664)
    New Amsterdam was renamed New York (1664)
    Made up of The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island

Why New York City, New York might be annoying:

    It has high sales tax (8.25 percent in 2001).
    It is crowded, having over eight million inhabitants.
    It almost went bankrupt (1975).
    It is the home of a highly corrupt government, Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall (1860-1880).

Why New York City, New York might not be annoying:

    It became the financial capital of the world (Wall Street).
    It is the home of the greatest baseball team (New York Yankees - Bronx).
    It was the original capital of the United States.
    The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island welcomed more immigrants/refugees than anywhere in the world.
    The city contains more Italians than Rome, more Jews than Jerusalem, more Puerto Ricans than San Juan and more Irish than Dublin.
    It is the most ethnically diverse city in the world.
    It is a major tourist attraction, with skyscrapers, Broadway theater, sports, museums, restaurants, etc.
    See also:
    The Bronx
    Staten Island

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