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The Resume

    (October 1, 2022- )
    Born in Seattle, Washington
    Mascot for the Seattle Kraken
    Made debut as the team's mascot prior to the 2022-23 NHL season

Why he might be annoying:

    He wears number 0.
    He is described as being a scraggly sea troll.
    He was dubbed 'a Muppet gone wrong' by detractors.
    He was listed as living in the caverns of Climate Pledge Arena.
    His reveal as the team mascot was considered a disappointment by the team's fanbase, who was expecting the new mascot to be something marine related.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His creation was partially inspired by Squatch, the former mascot of the Seattle Supersonics.
    His name pays homage to Seattle's marine culture.
    He watched the Kraken win their first game (albeit preseason) against the rival Canucks (October 1, 2022).
    He was initially supposed to make his debut during the inaugural season, which got pushed back due to a COVID-19 outbreak on the team.
    His introduction left the New York Rangers the only team in the NHL not to employ a mascot.

Credit: Ricky

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