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New York (State)

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The Resume

    (July 26, 1788- )
    11th state to join
    Giovanni Verrazano, a florentine navigator, discovered the New York Bay (April 17, 1524)
    Henry Hudson claimed New York for the Dutch (1609)
    Dutch established Fort Orange (current Albany) in 1624
    English took over New Amsterdam (current New York City) in 1664
    Nickname: Empire State
    Capital: Albany
    Size: 49,576 square miles (ranks 30th)
    Motto: Excelsior (Ever Upward)
    Bird: Bluebird
    Flower: Wild Rose
    Tree: Sugar Maple
    Song: New York, Our Empire State (unofficial); New York World's Fair (1939, 40, 64, 65)

Why New York (State) might be annoying:

    Temperatures hit as low as -52ºF (-47ºC) (February 18, 1979).
    It is the first state to charge a hunting license fee (April 30, 1864).
    It is the first state to require auto license plates ($1 fee) (April 25, 1901).
    It was a major battleground for the French and Indian War (1754-1763) and the American Revolution (1775-1783).
    Four NBA teams moved out of state: the Rochester Royals (1945-58) are currently the Sacramento Kings the Buffalo Braves became the San Diego/LA Clippers, the New York Nets moved to NJ and the Syracuse Nationals (1949-63) became the Philadelphia 76ers.
    Two Major League baseball teams moved to California: the New York Giants (1883-1957) Won 5 World Series (1905, 21-22, 33, 54) and Brooklyn Dodgers (1890-1957) Won 1 World Series (1955).

Why New York (State) might not be annoying:

    State with the most billionaires, 28 (2002).
    It is the first state to license drivers (April 25, 1901).
    The original US capital was located in New York City.
    It was the home of the Iroquois Confederacy of the Five Nations, the largest and most influential Native American group in North America.
    It was the location of the first US Jewish college Yeshiva College (University) (November 16, 1945).
    It is the home of the first African-American and arguably most famous Miss America, Vanessa Williams, crowned 56th Miss America in 1984 (September 17, 1983).
    The first major party female candidate for Vice President was Geraldine Ferraro, (Rep-D-NY), who won the Democratic nomination (July 19, 1984).
    They have the most successful sports franchise, American League baseball's New York Yankees 1903- ): Won 26 World Series (1923, 27-28, 32, 36-39, 41, 43, 47, 49-53, 56, 58, 61-62, 77-78, 96, 98-00) who moved from Baltimore.
    They have a National League baseball team named the New York Mets (1962- ): Won 2 World Series (1969, 86).
    They had an XFL football team named the NY/NJ Hitmen and WLAF Football Team named the NY/NJ Knights.
    They have an NBA basketball team named the New York Knicks (1946- ).
    They have three NHL hockey teams: the New York Islanders (1972- ) won 4 consecutive Stanley Cups (1980-83), the New York Rangers (1926- ) won 4 Stanley Cups (1928, 33, 40, 94) and the Buffalo Sabres (1970- ).
    They have two NFL football teams that currently play in New Jersey but keep the N.Y. name: New York Jets (1960- ), won a Super Bowl (1968) and began playing in New Jersey (1984) and the New York Giants (1925- ), who won 2 Super Bowls (1986, 90); played in Connecticut (1973-74) and New Jersey (1976- ).
    The NFL football Buffalo Bills (1960- ) played in four Super Bowls.
    It was home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid.
    It is the home of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship.
    The TV series 'The Odd Couple,' 'Kojak,' 'All in the Family,' 'Seinfeld' and 'NYPD Blue' were set in New York.
    People born in New York: Moe Howard, Jerome Robbins, Mickey Spillane, Rita Hayworth, Amanda Blake, Rodney Dangerfield, Hugh O'Brian, Tony Curtis, Beatrice Arthur, Beverly Sills, Wolfman Jack, Martin Sheen, Carole King, Lou Reed, Patty Duke, Susan Sarandon, Talia Shire, Peter Criss Bernadette Peters, Barbara Bach, Linda Lovelace, Buster Poindexter, Pee-wee Herman, Pat Benatar, Tanya Roberts, Taylor Dayne and L L Cool J.

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