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Larry Sanders Show

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TV Series

The Resume

    (August 15, 1992-May 31, 1998)
    Originally aired on HBO
    Premise: A look into the backstage antics of a vain, self-obsessed, neurotic talk show host, Larry Sanders
    Garry Shandling as Larry Sanders
    Rip Torn as Arthur
    Jeffrey Tambor as Hank Kingsley
    Penny Johnson as Beverly Barnes
    Wallace Langham as Phil
    Janeanne Garofalo as Paula (1992-1997)

Why Larry Sanders Show might be annoying:

    A lot of cameos from the cast members of Seinfeld were made because both shows were produced in the same production facility.
    Reruns are sometimes airing outside of HBO, resulting in heavy censoring and editing.
    It is usually on late at night, making it hard to watch.
    Celebrities played themselves in most instances and it became 'hip' to appear on the show.

Why Larry Sanders Show might not be annoying:

    The plots of the episodes drew from the real life world of talk shows.
    It did not have a laugh track, but cleverly had laughter during the 'onstage' segments, as they were filmed in front of a live audience.
    Celebrities that did the show were not afraid to mock themselves (in one episode, David Duchovny was in a storyline which centers on his crush on Larry).
    Because it was on HBO, the show could use any language it desired to use and the writers weren't limited.
    It mocked the post-Carson talk show boom.
    It is frequently cited along with 'Seinfeld' as one of the best TV comedies of the decade.

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