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Branko Lustig

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The Resume

    (June 10, 1932-November 14, 2019)
    Born in Osijek, Sava Banovina, Yugoslavia
    Producer of 'Schindler's List' and 'Gladiator'
    Executive produced 'The Peacemaker (1997),' 'Hannibal (2001),' 'Black Hawk Down (2001),' 'Kingdom of Heaven (2005),' 'A Good Year (2006),' and 'American Gangster (2007)'
    Made a cameo in 'Schindler's List' as an SS nightclub maitre'd

Why he might be annoying:

    He helped make Russell Crowe a household name.
    His production company owns the rights to Anne Frank's life story.
    After 45 years in Hollywood, he gave up filmmaking and returned to his native Croatia.
    He unsuccessfully sought to be elected to the Zagreb City Assembly in 2017.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen as a teenager.
    He lost his whole family to the camps except his mother (they reunited during the liberation).
    He worked on the miniseries 'The Winds of War' and 'War and Remembrance' (which arguably depicted an even more disturbing version of the Holocaust than Schindler's List).
    He had a long running and successful collaboration with Ridley Scott.
    He donated the Best Picture Oscar he won for Schindler's List to the to Yad Vashem for eternal safekeeping.
    When he won for Schindler's List, he gave his acceptance speech saying: 'My [tattooed] number is A-3317. I am a Holocaust survivor. It is a long way from Auschwitz to this stage. I saw many people die and their last words were, Be a witness to my murder. Tell the world how I died Remember. I hope I have fulfilled my obligation to the 6 million Jews killed in the Shoah and to other Nazi victims.'
    He celebrated his Bar Mitzvah - which he missed as a 13 year-old - by returning to Auschwitz during the March of the Living (2 May 2011).
    He is the only person born in the territory of present-day Croatia to have won two Academy Awards.

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