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AFL - American Football League

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Why AFL - American Football League might be annoying:

    Because of it, no one cares who won the NFL Championship prior to 1967.
    Its existence and its bidding war with the NFL were financially draining for both leagues (one of the reasons that led to the NFL-AFL merger).
    Al Davis was one of its commissioners.
    It let Joe Namath wear a fur coat on the sidelines during games.
    It was virtually ignored by most mainstream sports media, especially Sports Illustrated.
    NBC thought a showing of 'Heidi' was more important than the exciting end to an AFL game (Jets-Raiders).
    It shares the same acronym as the Arena Football League and the Australian Football League.

Why AFL - American Football League might not be annoying:

    Of all the upstart football leagues that challenged the NFL, it was the most successful.
    The NFL adopted many of its innovative rules.
    It got network coverage of all its rules two years before the NFL did.
    It is the only American sports league to be merged into another and have all of its teams continue to exist.
    It was the predecessor of the American Football Conference in the NFL.
    At a time when the NFL was shying away from drafting players from small colleges and black players, the AFL was doing both.
    Its existence led to the formation of the Super Bowl, where the champions of the NFL and AFL met.
    Even though the NFL was thought to be superior to the AFL, AFL teams won the Super Bowl the last two times prior to the merger.
    It was given credibility due to the famous 'Joe Namath guarantee' before the Jets win over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III (1969).

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