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Baseball Fans: Seattle Mariners

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The Resume

    (1971- )
    Root for the Seattle Mariners
    Attend home games at SafeCo Field (July 15, 1999- )
    Safeco purchased naming rights for the stadium (1997)

Why they might be annoying:

    They have yet to see their team win a World Series.
    They witnessed one of the most powerful lineups in the 90's (Edgar and Tino Martinez, Ken Griffey Jr., A-Rod, Jay Bruner and Randy Johnson on the mound), but came away without even a pennant.
    When former Mariner Ken Griffey, Jr. had injuries, they claimed it was part of their curse on him.
    They drink Starbucks' coffee at home games.
    They tend to get drenched on their way to the park, due to Seattle's rainy weather.
    They had an annual Jay Buhner day, in which all bald people got into the stadium for free. They even had barbers on duty for those wishing to shave their heads.
    Part of the team's lease with the city is that the Mariners have an indoor stadium, to prevent games from being rained out.
    They watched the team play the beginning of the season in the King Dome and the remainder in Safeco (1999).

Why they might not be annoying:

    They only have to wait approximately 15 minutes for Safeco's roof to close.
    When the team's owners threatened to move the Mariners to New Orleans, they rallied to keep the team in Seattle, and approved a levy to finance the new stadium (after 4 failed voting attempts).
    During the Mariners' 1995 playoff run, they sold out their last 26 home games, thereby doubling the record for most sold out games in a single season.
    They make cult heroes out of local stars (until they leave the team, in which they then heckle and threaten them).
    SafeCo Field is considered the most relaxing of all the recent newly built ball parks.
    Being that Safeco is designed for pitchers, many of the Mariner sluggers opted out of Seattle.
    They love the sound of the nearby train station. Conductors are urged to blow their whistle during games.

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