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Ed Ames

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The Resume

    (July 9, 1927-May 21, 2023)
    Born in Malden, Massachusetts
    Birth name is Edmund Dantes Urick
    Nickname is The Boston Baritone
    Formed the 1950s vocal group The Ames Brothers with brothers Joe, Gene and Vic
    Recorded 'Ragg Mopp,' 'Sentimental Me,' 'It Only Hurts For a Little While,' 'Man With a Banjo' and 'The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane'
    Recorded as a 1960s solo performer 'Try to Remember,' 'Time, Time,' 'My Cup Runneth Over' and 'Who Will Answer?'
    Portrayed Mingo on the TV series 'Daniel Boone' (1964-68)
    Owns a horse ranch in Utah

Why he might be annoying:

    The quartet called themselves The Amory Brothers until a playwright convinced them Ames would be better.
    They had a very short lived TV variety show in 1955 called 'The Ames Brothers Show.'
    They broke up the act in 1960 with Ed the only brother establishing solo success.
    He divorced his wife of 23 years and mother of his three children in 1970.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He speaks a half dozen different languages.
    His 1965 impromptu tomahawk throw on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (where Johnny quipped 'I didn't even know you were Jewish') remains a comedy favorite moment and timeless classic.
    Between 1966-68 he had four songs reach the Top 20 on Billboard's Singles charts.
    He went to UCLA in his forties and earned a degree in theater and cinema arts (with honors) at age 48.
    He has worked for the State Department by traveling to the Far East to promote interest in ecology, environment issues and wildlife protection.
    He belongs to the 'Abraham Lincoln Association,' an organization for those knowledgeable about Honest Abe.
    Portraying Mingo gave him a desire to be active in charitable causes concerning the plight of Native Americans.

Credit: Scar Tactics

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