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Ruth Pointer

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The Resume

    (March 19, 1946- )
    Member of The Pointer Sisters (1971- )
    Sister of Anita Pointer, Bonnie Pointer and June Pointer
    Released The Pointer Sisters Albums 'The Pointer Sisters' (1973), 'That's A Plenty' (1974), 'Live At The Opera House' (1974), 'Steppin'' (1975), 'Havin' A Party' (1977), 'Energy' (1978), 'Priority' (1979), 'Special Things' (1980), 'Black And White' (1981), 'So Excited!' (1982), 'Break Out' (1983), 'Contact' (1985), 'Hot Together' (1986), 'Serious Slammin'' (1988), 'Right Rhythm' (1990) and 'Only Sisters Can Do That' (1993)
    Recorded with The Pointer Sisters 'Automatic,' 'Baby Come And Get It,' 'Back in My Arms,' 'Dare Me,' 'Fall In Love Again,' 'Fire,' 'Freedom,' 'Happiness,' 'He's So Shy,' 'I Want Fireworks,' 'I'm So Excited,' 'Insanity,' 'Jump (For My Love),' 'Neutron Dance,' 'Should I Do It,' 'Slow Hand,' 'Twist My Arm' and 'Yes We Can-Can'
    Performed on 'We Are the World' (1985)
    Acted in 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (1978) and 'Car Wash' (1976)
    Former keypunch operator

Why she might be annoying:

    She grew up in a very religious household, both of her parents were strict ministers.
    She is an alcoholic.
    She abused drugs.
    She had a daughter out of wedlock.
    Her husband is eleven years younger than her.
    She gave birth to twins at age 47.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her daughter Issa Pointer joined The Pointer Sisters as June's replacement.
    She told Essence magazine her parents forbid many things 'No jewelry, no makeup, no dancing, no movies, and certainly no rock music.'
    She purchased the first rock record for the sisters (Elvis Presley's 'All Shook Up').
    She was the last sister to join the group.

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