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Internet Website

The Resume

    (January 15, 2001- )
    Free-content encyclopedia website
    Absorbed its predecessor, the expert-written Nupedia (September 2003)
    Contains more than 1.5 million articles in 195 different languages
    Sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation
    As of 2005, it has 13,000 active users
    As of 2005, it receives around 50 million hits per day

Why Wikipedia might be annoying:

    Because its on the traditionally sensationalistic Internet, it is not as well-respected as other traditional encyclopedias.
    Some don't consider it to be a real encyclopedia.
    Its articles are open for anybody to edit, which makes vandalism and inaccuracy a problem.
    Nobody gets paid for contributing well-written articles.
    It switched from a .com to a .org domain name.
    Its spin offs include Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons and Wikinews.
    There are huge 'edit wars' when editors do not agree on the content of an article.
    It announced access to the site would be blocked out for 24 hours to protest two bills being considered by the U.S. Congress, SOPA and PIPA (January 18, 2012).

Why Wikipedia might not be annoying:

    It's free.
    Like most professionally written encyclopedias, it attempts to observe a neutral point of view.
    Unlike most encyclopedias, this one can adapt to an ongoing event or crisis. It was used by numerous media outlets during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.
    There was a debate whether deserved an article on their site. Ultimately, it decided in favor (without a vote against) of keeping the page on their site (March 17, 2005).
    Through its website, you can figure out what a 'wiki' actually is.
    It does not mind when other web pages borrow its content, because its all free.
    It covers a huge range of topics; more than most encyclopedias.
    It's one of the (if not the) best reference sites on the web.

Credit: Captain Howdy

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