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Jorge Negrete

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The Resume

    (November 30, 1911-December 5, 1953)
    Born in Guanajuanto, Mexico
    The reigning entertainer of Latin America for the tenure of his career
    Birth Name was Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno
    Signature songs include 'La Adelita,' 'Yo Soy Mexicano,' 'Meico Lindo y Querido,' 'Solo Dios,' 'Flor Silvestre,' and 'Cocula'
    Acted in Mexican films, 'La Valentina,' 'Story of a Great Love,' 'Canaima,' 'The Rock of Souls,' 'Land of Passions,' 'Two Careful Fellows,' 'Road to Sacramento,' 'Gran Casino,' 'If Adelita Went out with Another,' 'Out on the Big Ranch,' 'Jalisco Sings in Saville,' 'Forever Yours,' 'Reportaje,' and 'El Rapto'
    Lead singer of the legendary Mexican singing group, 'Trío Calaveras'
    Nicknamed 'El Charro Cantor' ('Singing Mexican Cowboy')

Why he might be annoying:

    He acted exclusively in Mexican films, unlike Dolores Del Rioand Pedro Armendariz who acted in both Hollywood and Mexico.
    He was typecast as singing rancheros and cowboys.
    He married three times (twice to co-stars) and divorced twice.
    He was dead-set against then-newcomer Maria Felix being cast opposite him in 'The Rock of Souls' (1942), preferring to have his then-girlfriend and frequent co-star, Gloria Marin, cast instead.
    He and Felix feuded bitterly during filming.
    He fought with Cantinflas for control over the Mexican Actors' Association union.
    The fight reached a crescendo when Mexican actress, Leticia Palma (a supporter of Cantinflas), pressed charges against him for leading an angry mob in pursuit of her over stolen papers related to her contract violations.
    He successfully led the charge to expel Palma from the MAA after she refused to drop the charges, effectively ending her career.
    He was called the 'Mexican Bing Crosby' but if anything he was more of a Mexican version of singing cowboy Gene Autry .
    The details surrounding his marriage to Marin are questionable and it remains unclear if they were ever truly married.
    He left Marin for a studio-arranged marriage with Maria Felix in 1952.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His unexpected death at forty-two was greeted with universal shock, with thousands of fans attending his funeral and following the hearse to the cemetery.
    The anniversary of his death is still commemorated on Mexican radio and television stations, with concerts frequently held in his honor.
    The Centennial of his birth was celebrated throughout Latin America and Europe in 2011.
    His death was believed to symbolize the end of the Golden Age of Cine Mexicano.
    Fan magazines tried to drum up a rivalry/feud between him and fellow matinee idol, Pedro Infante, but the two were good friends and would remain so until his death.
    His rendition of Mexican anthems, 'La Adelita' and 'Mexico Lindo y Querido' are widely considered the definitive versions.
    He graduated from El Colegio Militar with the rank of a sub-lieutenant.
    He was a founding member of the Mexican Actors Association.
    It is widely believed that Palma and Cantinflas supporters were attempting to sabotage Negrete's career with a lawsuit.
    Many contemporaries reflecting on the 'Palma Affair' assert that he was 'too much of a gentleman to show such disrespect to a woman.'
    He had operatic training and started out singing opera on radio broadcasts in the 30s.

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