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Corey Feldman

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The Resume

    (July 16, 1971- )
    Acted in 'Time After Time,' 'Meatballs 4,' 'Dream a Little Dream,' 'Citizen Toxie,' 'The Million Dollar Kid,' 'Stepmonster,' 'Load Weapon 1,' 'South Beach Academy,' 'Stand By Me,' 'Storm Trooper' and 'She's Too Tall.
    Sings 'What's Up With the Youth' and 'Still Searching for Soul'
    Appeared in over eighty commercials, including McDonalds and Welchs.
    He supplied the voice of Donatello for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie

Why he might be annoying:

    He is a man in search of an image, wearing John Lennon granny glasses, Michael Jackson military uniform, a Dick Tracy hat, a Seinfeld puffyshirt or gloves.
    He has alienated himself from his father, accusing his dad of stealing his money.
    He was addicted to heroin.
    He is friends with Michael Jackson and has had pajama parties with him.
    Vanessa Marcil divorced him due his drug problems during their marriage (1989-93).
    He was arrested on heroin possession (1990).
    He is the frontman for the critically panned 'Corey Feldman Truth Movement' (by the way, nice to name the band after yourself, leaving the rest of the members with their dicks in the wind!).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He had affairs with Porn Stars, Amber Lynn and Jasmine St. Clair.
    He dates Casey Kasem's daughter Karrie.

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