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The Resume

    (March 1, -March 31, )
    Third month of the year
    31 days
    Named for Martius/Mars (Roman god of war)
    Birth flower: Daffodils
    Birthstone: Aquamarine
    Vernal/spring equinox occurs
    Women's History Month
    Astrological sign is Pisces and Aries

Why March might be annoying:

    It comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb.
    It was formerly the start of the new year, and months from September through December still retain their name as a number from 7 til 10 rather then 9 through 12.
    For many years it was when the U.S. President was inaugurated.
    Beware the ides of March. Julius Caesar was assassinated (March 15).

Why March might not be annoying:

    Time of NCAA March madness.
    It ends winter and begins spring.
    It contains the drinking holiday St. Patrick's Day (March 17th).
    Baseball spring training leads to baseball's opening day.
    The Academy Awards are presented.
    Wrestlemania is usually held on the last Sunday of the month.

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