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William Kidd

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The Resume

    (circa 1645-May 23, 1701)
    Successful English merchant
    Captained the ship, 'The Adventurer,' and its crew of eighty men
    Ordered by English government to capture or kill all pirates around the coast of Madagascar
    Arrested in New York City under charges of piracy and murder
    Convicted of all charges in an English court (1701)
    Executed by hanging (May 23, 1701)

Why he might be annoying:

    He was a drunk.
    His job was to get rid of pirates, but instead, he turned into a pirate himself.
    His crew consisted of criminals and cutthroats he had recruited from New York.
    He robbed and plundered many ships along India's Malabar coast, taking over 400 tons of loot.
    He burned and sank any ship he came into contact with.
    He got into an argument with his ship's gunner and killed him in a subsequent fight (1697).
    His men mutinied against him (1698).
    His name inspired 'Billy the Kid.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    It took two attempts to hang him, as the noose broke the first time.
    His body was dipped in tar and hung over the Thames River as a warning to all pirates.
    He is one of the most famous pirates of all time.
    He inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's famed novel, 'Treasure Island.'
    There are rumors to this day that Captain Kidd's treasure is buried somewhere, waiting to be found.

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