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The Doors

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The Resume

    (1966- )
    San Francisco, California
    Jim Morrison - vocals (1966-71)
    Robbie Krieger - guitars (1966-71, 2002- )
    Ray Manzarek - keyboards (1966-71, 2002- )
    John Densmore - drums (1966-71)
    Ian Astbury - vocals (2002- )
    Stewart Copeland - drums (2002-02)
    Recorded the albums 'The Doors (1967),' 'Strange Days (1967),' 'Waiting For the Sun (1968),' The Soft Parade (1969),' 'Morrison Hotel (1970),' 'L.A. Woman (1971),' 'An American Prayer (1978),' 'Best of the Doors (1985),' 'In Concert (1991),' 'The Doors Box Set (1998)' and 'The Complete Studio Recordings (1999)'

Why they might be annoying:

    They experimented heavily with drugs.
    Jim was arrested in Miami for exposing himself to the crowd.
    They only released six studio albums with their original lineup.
    During the late 60's, they were known more for Jim's antics than their music.
    They continue releasing different versions of their greatest hits.
    During the 1996 Woodstock, Robbie Krieger came up on stage with Creed and performed 'Riders on the Storm' and 'Road House Blues' while wearing a purple Undertaker shirt and yellow pants.
    The remaining members - minus Densmore - decided to resurrect the band with Ian Astbury on vocals and Stewart Copeland on drums. This led to a thunderstorm of lawsuits from all-sides that have kept the band from recording new material (thankfully).

Why they might not be annoying:

    They got their start playing at the historical Whisky-A-Go-Go bar.
    They're a legendary live band.
    Although only releasing six studio albums, their legacy suggests decades worth of work.
    As the decades have passed since Jim's death, the band continues to become more and more popular.
    Their song 'The End' was used in Francis Ford Coppola's 'Apocalypse Now.'
    Oliver Stone's 'The Doors' is based on their story.

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