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Harry Houdini

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The Resume

    (March 24, 1874-October 31, 1926)
    Raised in Appleton, Wisconsin
    Birth name is Ehrich Weiss
    First person to pilot a plane to Australia (March 16, 1910)
    Tony Curtis starred in a movie about his life
    Honored with a star on Hollywood's walk of fame (1975)
    Considered the greatest magician of all time
    Acted in several movies; three where his screen name had the initials H.H.
    Harvey Hanford in 'The Grim Game'
    Heath Haldane in 'Haldane of the Secret Service'
    Harry Harper in 'Terror Island'

Why he might be annoying:

    A McGill University student punched him in the stomach on October 22, after asking Houdini if it was true he could sustain punches in the midsection.
    The student did not realize that Houdini needed to brace himself, and hit him immediately not giving Houdini a chance to prepare.
    He died of a rupture appendix a week later on Halloween, 1926.
    He married his wife three times, once secretly and the other times in their respective religious services.
    He took the name Houdini, honoring French magician Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, who he later called a charlatan.
    It is widely believed his ulterior reason for debunking psychics/mediums was that he was looking for one that was legitimate.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He did not believe in psychics, and went about debunking them.
    He admitted his magic were illusions.
    His father was the first Rabbi in Appleton, Wisconsin.
    The biggest crowd ever assembled in Washington D.C., with the exception of the inauguration, was to watch Houdini.
    100,000 watched him wiggle out of handcuffs while hanging off a building (1916).
    He was the first to make an Elephant disappear.
    His wife, Beatrice, was his stage assistant.
    Before his death he gave his wife a secret code word.
    He told her that if she went to a psychic that was real they would know the word.
    He was famous for escaping from many different bindings.
    He gave Joseph Keaton the name 'Buster' after watching him as an infant fall down a flight of stairs.

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