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Baltimore Stallions

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The Resume

    Member of the CFL
    Founded in 1994 as Baltimore Football Club
    Became the 'Stallions' in 1995
    Folded after 1995 season
    One Grey Cup (1995)

Why they might be annoying:

    They were part of the CFL's ill-fated attempt to expand into the U.S.
    They wanted to name themselves the Colts, after their old NFL team, but the NFL objected.
    They tried calling themselves the clumsy-sounding 'Baltimore CFL Colts,' to appease the NFL, but that wasn't allowed, either.
    They had to call themselves by the generic name, Baltimore Football Club, their first year.
    Sometimes, they were even referred to as the 'Baltimore CFL`s.'
    It wasn't until their second season that they finally settled on a nickname, the Stallions.
    Because they were an American-based team, they did not have to adhere to the import rules that apply to Canadian teams.
    They benefited from this, and built their team with zero Canadians.
    Their uniforms looked similar to those of the Dallas Cowboys.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They played in the Grey Cup Game both years of their existence.
    They were awarded the 1997 Grey Cup Game, and would have become the first non-Canadian team to host it, but they folded after 1995 (the '97 Grey Cup Game was moved to Edmonton).
    They're the only non-Canadian team to win the Grey Cup.
    They were the most successful of all the U.S.-based CFL teams.

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