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Black Eyed Peas

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The Resume

    (1988- )
    Formed in Los Angeles, California (March 15, 1975- ) (November 28, 1974- )
    Taboo (July 14, 1975- )
    Fergie (March 27, 1975- )
    Before joining the group, Fergie was a member of Wild Orchid
    Recorded the albums 'Behind the Front,' 'Bridging the Gap' and 'Elephunk'
    Songs include 'Request Line (with Macy Gray),' 'Where is the Love?,' 'Let's Get It Started' 'Hey Mama,' 'Don't Phunk With My Heart,' 'Don't Lie,' 'My Humps,' 'Boom Boom Pow,' 'I Gotta Feeling,' 'Meet Me Halfway' and 'Just Can't Get Enough'

Why they might be annoying:

    Their song 'Where is the Love?' includes guest vocals by Justin Timberlake.
    In addition, they opened for Justin and Christina Aguilera.
    'Shut Up' was used in commercials for XM Satellite Radio.
    Wil.I.Am, who took classes in fashion design at college, has a clothing line of his own.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They don't sing about such typical rap subjects as carrying bling-bling and being a player.
    They were nominated for three Grammys (2004).
    'Where is the Love?' was the most played song on pop radio in 2003.
    They have an annual charity concert, the 'Pea Pod,' which helps raise money for the Five Acres Children's Home in Los Angeles.

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