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Why National League might be annoying:

    It may have started because Hulbert took four players from the National Association's best team. He allegedly started the new league before he would've been kicked out of the old one.
    It used Rockefeller-esque methods to force the American Association and Players League out of business.
    That led to its major league monopoly from 1892 to 1901.
    There was no 1904 World Series because the owner of an NL team, the Giants, refused to play an 'inferior' AL team.
    In the 1950's, two New York-based NL teams (the Giants and Dodgers) moved to the West Coast.
    For 15 seasons, they had two more teams then the American League when the Milwaukee Brewers switched leagues in order to accomodate the Arizona Diamondbacks, causing a major imbalance within the divisions.
    They forced the Houston Astros into the American League in order to bring an equal amount of teams in both divisions.

Why National League might not be annoying:

    It was the first major league and it grew from the first professional league, the National Association.
    It is credited for cleaning up the rowdiness of the early days of professional baseball.
    Its postseason match ups with the American Association are considered to be the precursor to the modern-day World Series.
    It is sometimes called the 'senior circuit' since it predates the AL by 25 years.
    It doesn't have the AL's designated hitter rule, which leads to amusement whenever some pitchers bat.
    It also forces batters to use their gloves as well as their bats.
    They may have had the major league's first black player, Bill White, who played a game for the Providence Grays (1879).
    Of course, Jackie Robinson integrated Major League Baseball when he signed with the NL's Brooklyn Dodgers (1947).
    They had the first Canadian based franchise in Major League Baseball when the Montreal Expos joined in 1969.

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