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Sam Phillips (Female)

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The Resume

    (January 28, 1962- )
    Appeared in 'Die Hard: With a Vengeance'
    Released 'Fan Dance,' 'Omnipop,' 'Martinis & Bikinis,' 'Cruel Invention,' 'Indescribable' and 'Turning'

Why she might be annoying:

    She is often confused with the person who discovered Elvis Presley, who's also named Sam Phillips.
    She believes that all of her songs have messages that the listener can relate to.
    Despite her long career as a musician, she is still not well known to many people.
    Her big break didn't happened until after ten years into her career.
    Her only appearance in a movie was not only unimportant, but also didn't have any lines.
    She changed her name from Leslie to Sam when she changed her recording company.
    She is very spiritual.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Before she debuted as a female vocalist, she was an acclaimed gospel singer.
    She reinvented herself into a female vocalist when she realized the depth of the spiritual world.
    She is not obsessed with becoming a major star.
    She has her own unique style.
    She sang the theme of the TV show 'Gilmore Girls.'
    She is known for being modest.

Credit: Thomas127a

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