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Jeffrey Leonard

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Baseball Player

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    His nickname 'Hack Man' came as a result of his tendency to always swing at the first pitch he received.
    He had routine where he would run around the bases after hitting a home run with one arm in a limp position.
    He drew the ire of the Cardinals in the 1987 NLCS after he ran around the bases in a slow manner.
    He abused cocaine during his playing career.
    He was amongst a handful of players who were named in the Pittsburgh Drug Trials.
    He said 'The award means nothing to me.' in regards to earning the NLCS MVP award in a losing cause.

Why he might not be annoying:

    As of 2020, he was the last player to receive the NLCS MVP award as a member of the losing team.
    He was inducted into the San Francisco Giants Hall of Fame.
    He tied a League Championship Series record for most home runs hit in a single series.
    He founded a baseball academy that teaches the fundamentals of the game to underprivileged children.
    He created the 'One Man Flap' foundation, which helps single parent families deal with the costs of medical expenses.

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