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The Resume

    (1986- )
    Formed in Oslo, Norway
    Original band name was Black Death
    Gylve Nagell
    Ted Skjellum
    Ivar Enger
    Dag Nilsen
    Recorded 'Soulside Journey' (1990), 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky' (1991), 'Under a Funeral Moon' (1993), 'Panzerfaust' (1994), 'Transilvanian Hunger' (1994), 'Total Death' (1995), 'Plaguewielder' (2001) and 'Hate Them' (2003)

Why they might be annoying:

    Their debut album, 'Soulside Journey,' is widely considered death metal, but the band has completely disowned it, as revealed in interviews, because they said that death metal was 'too trendy' .
    They changed their image drastically, with the help of Mayhem guitarist Euronymous.
    Bass player Dag Nilsen left the band after 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky' was released.
    They all adopted stage names to better represent their 'evil' music.
    Like most Norwegian black metal bands of the early nineties, their music contained Satanic themes.
    Although they had access to state-of-the-art recording equipment, they still opted to record albums that sounded as if they'd been recorded in a basement.
    They wear 'corpse paint,' which is another trademark of most Norwegian metal bands.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They were an important part of the development of the black metal movement of the nineties.
    Drummer Gylve Nagell (who calls himself 'Fenriz') is known to be hilarious in interviews.
    They were influenced by Bathory and Swiss thrash band, Celtic Frost.
    Their latest albums have had better production values and the album covers are more colorful (their early albums eschewed color in favor of stark black-and-white textures).

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