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Ricardo Mayorga

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The Resume

    (October 3, 1973- )
    Birth name is Ricardo Antonio Mayorga Perez
    Nicaragua Juniorwelterweight (1995)
    America Centrale Juniormiddleweights (1999-2000)
    World Welterweight (2002-2003)
    He said 'I am just like a street dog and I bite hard'

Why he might be annoying:

    Ring announcers say his attitude is disrespectful to the sport.
    He is unprofessional.
    His nickname was the typical boxer's 'Sugar,' later changed to 'El Matador.'
    He wears camouflage trunks.
    He showboats and taunts his opponent and opponent's corner.
    He will throw down his hands and taunt his opponent to hit him. He once let a boxer hit him four times in the face with his arms at his side.
    During a fight, referee Arthur Mercante, Jr. warned him a number of times to stop showboating and fight.
    He has been know to continue punching after the bell.
    He strongly supports smoker's rights.
    He has lit up a cigarette in the ring after a fight.
    He smokes, drinks and drives fast, even when in training.
    He plans to open a drag strip in Managua so he can drag race.
    He has a tattoo on his neck and the back of his right shoulder.
    He bleaches his hair blonde.
    He was inactive from December 16, 1995 until January 6, 1998.
    He lost to Cory Spinks (2003).
    Before fighting Vernon Forrest for the second time, he said: 'My weight is never a problem. I always get on the scale eating something, and I am going to do the same this time.' However for a Welterweight championship fight, he came in 6½ pounds overweight, so the fight was cancelled and he was given a different opponent (April 17, 2004).
    He taunted Vernon Forrest by saying: 'I am upset because he did not call me for Father's Day. I am going to give him a whipping because I did not get my present.
    Prior to his second fight with Vernon Forrest, he offered: 'I am not going to make a bet in Las Vegas, but with any reporter I will make a bet. I will knock him (Forrest) out. If I win by decision, I will pay the $100,000' (He won by decision - July 12, 2003).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is often compared to Roberto Duran.
    He was selected Fighter of the Year (2002).
    He is a pretty boy.
    He is known for an arsenal of different punches coming from many different directions.
    As of 2004, He knocked out his opponent in more than 75% of his fights.
    He can go days without sleep.
    He paid for the funeral of a neighbor's mom.
    He spent $100,000 to put up lights in a village in Nicaragua.
    He says he likes giving his money away to friends and family so he can come in the ring broke and hungry.
    He can take punishment.

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