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The Lucy Show

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TV Series

The Resume

    (October 1, 1962-March 11, 1968)
    Aired on CBS
    Lucille Ball as Lucille Carmichael
    Vivian Vance as Vivian Bagley (1962-1965)
    Gale Gordon as Theodore J. Mooney (1965-1968)
    Candy Moore as Chris Carmichael
    Jimmy Garrett as Jerry Carmichael
    Ralph Hart as Sherman Bagley
    Dick Martin as Harry
    Charles Lane as Mr. Barnsdahl
    Based on Irene Kampen's book, 'Life without George'

Why The Lucy Show might be annoying:

    It went through purposed titles as they were turned down such as 'The Lucille Ball Show,' 'This Is Lucy' and 'The New Adventures of Lucy' before settling with 'The Lucy Show.'
    Vivian Vance turned down being on the show until she landed on a role with her character wearing decent clothing.
    It was originally going to last one season.
    It was the first TV show to feature a divorced character.
    Charles Lane left the show after a few appearances in its first season due to having problems memorizing the lines.
    CBS nicknamed it as 'The Dykes Sans Dick Show,' which was a cruel pun on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show.'
    As the show's setting was changed from Danfield, New York to Los Angeles, California, references of Lucy's kids, Chris and Jerry were removed for remainder of the show's run.
    Vivian Vance left the show after its third season as she was exhausted from her long travel from home to doing work for the show, which led her to have bit guest appearances in the show's later seasons.

Why The Lucy Show might not be annoying:

    It was a successful follow-up of Lucille Ball's show that made her famous.
    Most of the writers of 'I Love Lucy' were involved in writing the episodes of the show's first season.
    Lucille Ball was saved from being choked and drowned to death during the process of two episodes being made.
    Lucille Ball launched 'Star Trek' as the president of Desilu Productions while she was the star of this show.
    It had the final on-screen TV appearance of 'I Love Lucy' star William Frawley before his death in 1966.
    It ended in a high note as its final season gained very high ratings.
    It had five issues of comic books to go along with the show.
    It was awarded two Emmys.

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