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The Resume

    (August 17, 1951-September 9, 2020)
    Born in Crawley, Sussex, United Kingdom
    World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council middleweight boxing champion from 3/16/80 - 9/27/80 winning the title from Vito Antuofermo and losing it to Marvin Hagler
    Olympic bronze medalist in boxing during the 1972 Olympics
    Remembered chiefly for his propensity to bleed easily during fights and for being the man from whom Marvin Hagler finally won the middleweight title
    Professional record: 39 wins (23 by knockout) and nine losses (8 by KO)

Why he might be annoying:

    He killed a man in the ring.
    He bled easily which caused eight of his nine losses (the other loss was a split decision loss late in his career) and actually lost one fight on cuts after knocking the other fighter down three times!
    After outboxing challenger Marvin Hagler in the first round of their title fight, he tried to slug it out with the far stronger and harder punching (and equally iron chinned) Hagler and was stopped on cuts in the third round.
    The loss to Hagler caused a riot in the arena where the fight was held causing he and the newly crowned champion to have to hide together under the ring.
    Before his fight with Hagler, he bragged, 'No black man is going to take my title.'
    He was a weak puncher with little upper body strength.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He fought cleanly and with great courage.
    He was a superbly skilled fighter with great basic skills, quick hands, excellent side to side movement, and was a particularly good defensive fighter.
    He had an awesome chin and was actually knocked out or even down.
    He never received the rematch he thoroughly deserved from Hagler.
    He was left-handed.
    He stayed out of trouble outside the ring and after he retired.
    He had a nice smile.

Credit: tom_jeffords

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