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Bobby Brown

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The Resume

    (February 5, 1969- )
    Birth name is Robert Barisford Brown
    Recorded 'Humpin' Around,' 'Get Away,' 'Rock Wit'cha,' 'Something in Common,' 'Seventeen' and 'Don't Be Cruel'
    Created the theme song to 'Ghost Busters II'
    Frontman for New Edition

Why he might be annoying:

    He married Whitney Houston (they broke up and got back together several times). They separated September 2006.
    He was involved in a drive-by shooting, in which his friend was killed (September, 1995).
    He left the Betty Ford Clinic saying he was successfully treated for alcohol abuse, a few weeks later he was seen drinking two bud lights.
    He was arrested for lewdness, drunk driving and assault.
    His record company 'Bosstown' went bankrupt.
    He defaulted on a $194,000 loan.
    He was sentenced to two years probation for kicking a hotel security guard.
    He smashed Whitney Houston's Porsche into a tree while his blood alcohol content was double the legal limit.
    In a brawl at Disneyland, he almost severed the ear of a man.
    He reportedly slapped Whitney in the face when they were in Honolulu.
    He was sued by Althea Durant for not showing up at his concert in Trinidad and keeping the $30,000 advance (1993).
    He is addicted to cocaine.
    He was the passenger in an accident when his range rover overturned.
    He was arrested for sexual battery at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
    He was arrested in Florida for violating probation when a urine test came up positive for cocaine, and he refusing to take future tests.
    A day after being released from jail on drug charges he was to appear in a Boston court for being a deadbeat dad.
    He was four hours late to court, the court ordered him to pay $63,000 back child support or be put in jail. He tearfully said he did not have the money because he was unemployed. The judge ordered him back to jail and the next day $63,000 was delivered to the court (March 25, 2004).
    He was brought to trial on battery charges after being accused of hitting Whitney (May 5, 2004).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He won a Grammy Award for for Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male (1990).
    His song 'Don't Be Cruel' went 7x platinum.
    He was attacked by the press for leaving Whitney Houston's funeral early (February 18, 2012).

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