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The Resume

    (January 10, 1978- )
    Born in Vancouver, Washington
    Real name is Sarona Reiher
    Employed by WWE
    Serves as a manager for The Usos
    Daughter of Jimmy Snuka and brother of Sim Snuka

Why she might be annoying:

    She is one of numerous women in WWE to be billed by one name.
    In managing the Usos, she manages a tag team that gets little to no reaction from crowds.
    With a storyline that she has a relationship with Santino, it seems pretty simlilar to the on-screen relationship he had with Beth Phoenix.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Like her dad, she does a superfly splash as a finisher.
    She was the first recipient of a scholarship to train for wrestling that was named after the grandmother of The Rock.
    She excelled in basketball while playing in community college.

Credit: whiff boy

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Year In Review:

    For 2024, as of last weekly ranking, Out of 141 Votes: 41.13% Annoying
    In 2023, Out of 2231 Votes: 25.82% Annoying
    In 2022, Out of 963 Votes: 43.51% Annoying
    In 2021, Out of 1294 Votes: 43.28% Annoying
    In 2020, Out of 1518 Votes: 34.12% Annoying
    In 2019, Out of 50 Votes: 48.00% Annoying
    In 2018, Out of 67 Votes: 50.75% Annoying
    In 2017, Out of 688 Votes: 55.52% Annoying
    In 2016, Out of 39 Votes: 23.08% Annoying
    In 2015, Out of 113 Votes: 48.67% Annoying
    In 2014, Out of 99 Votes: 50.51% Annoying
    In 2013, Out of 29 Votes: 37.93% Annoying
    In 2012, Out of 161 Votes: 50.31% Annoying
    In 2011, Out of 179 Votes: 45.81% Annoying