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DuMont (TV Network)

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The Resume

    (June 28, 1942-August 4, 1958)
    Owned by Allen B. Dumont
    Aired the 'Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour,' 'Cavalcade of Stars,' 'Captain Video,' 'Twenty Questions' and 'You Asked for It'
    Flagship station is WABD-5 in New York City

Why DuMont (TV Network) might be annoying:

    Allen D. Dumont used his initials for his first TV station WABD in New York City.
    They were the first TV network to fold (1958).
    In 1946 they only aired three hour of programing in prime-time.
    Since ratings were kept they never had a show in the top 25.

Why DuMont (TV Network) might not be annoying:

    Unlike ABC, CBS and NBC DuMont did not own radio stations and had to develop brand new talent.
    Money was generated by TV networks owning the maximum of 5 stations (in key cities). Because DuMont had an association with Paramount Pictures the government ruled they could not own 5 stations. However, Paramount stopped financial support in 1939.
    Anytime they developed a star, the other networks which had greater financial resources, would steal them away.
    They televised the 1st coast-to-coast football game at a cost of $75,000 (December 23, 1951).
    Ted Mack's 'Original Amateur Hour' originated on DuMont, later to be shown on NBC, ABC and CBS (1948).
    Professional televised wrestling premiered on DuMont (July 30, 1948).
    They originated the network newscast with News from Washington (June 16, 1947).
    It aired what many still consider the greatest televised comedy, 'The Honeymooners.'
    They originated the kiddie sci-fi series with 'Captain Video & His Video Rangers' (June 27, 1949).
    They were the first to have a daily kiddie program in prime time 'Small Frye Club' (1947).

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