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Roy Orbison

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The Resume

    (April 23, 1936-December 6, 1988)
    Recorded albums: 'At the Rockhouse,' 'Crying,' 'In Dreams,' 'Roy Orbison Sings,' 'Exciting Sounds,' 'Special Delivery,' 'Oh Pretty Woman,' 'There Is Only One,' 'Orbisongs,' 'Orbison Way,' 'Cry Softly, Lonely One,' 'Sings Don Gibson,' 'The Fastest Guitar Alive,' 'Many Moods of Roy Orbison,' 'Big O,' 'Hank Williams the Roy Orbison Way,' 'Sings,' 'Memphis,' 'Milestones,' 'I'm Still in Love with You,' 'An Original [Pair],' 'Focus on Roy Orbison,' 'Regeneration,' 'In Dreams,' 'Laminar Flow,' 'Big O Country,' 'You Got It,' 'A Black & White Night Live,' 'Our Love Song,' 'Mystery Girl,' 'King of Hearts,' 'I Drove All Night,' 'Sings Lonely and Blue' and 'Shades of Roy Orbison'
    Grammy Winner (1981, 91)

Why he might be annoying:

    Almost 15 years after his death, he released two live albums 'Live at Austin City Limits' and 'Live in Alabama.'
    His lyrics usually dealt with being a romantic loser who was yearning for a girl that showed little or no interest in him.
    His songs tend to maintain the same theme and style, lacking new creativity.
    He dyed his hair jet black, making his albino-like skin look even paler.
    He wore sunglasses while on stage which gave him an even weirder look.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was instrumental in starting the rockabilly genre of music.
    VH-1 selected him 49th among the 100 greatest music stars.
    At 13, he formed the group 'West Westerners.'
    In the late 1950's when he feared his music career was not going to take off, he wrote 'Claudette' which was recorded by the Everly Brothers.
    He had huge hits in the early 1960's with 'Only the Lonely,' 'Crying,' 'It's Over' and 'Oh, Pretty Woman.'
    Before the Beatles came to the U.S., he toured with them in Britain (1963).
    John Lennon said his song 'Please, Please Me' was written in Orbison's style.
    His wife died in a motorcycle accident (1966).
    He failed at an acting career.
    He lost two of his sons in a fire that burned down his house.
    He was popular despite his lack of charisma and his non stereotypical country/rock look, which meant his popularity was based purely on his talent.

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