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Paul Tagliabue

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Sports Executive

The Resume

    (November 24, 1940- )
    Commissioner of the NFL (1989-2006)

Why he might be annoying:

    The pronunciation of his last name may cause some to chuckle.
    He used to work as a lawyer.
    Following Hurricane Katrina, he decided to move the Giants-Saints game from New Orleans to New York. The Saints were forced to play a 'home game' against the Giants at Giants Stadium, and they got blown out.
    He is friends with baseball commissioner Bud Selig.
    He was shocked as he noticed the breast implant incident of Janet Jackson during the half-time performance at Super Bowl XXXVII (2004).
    Despite being league commissioner he maintains his Redskins' season ticket.

Why he might not be annoying:

    After the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore, he promised that Cleveland would get another NFL franchise. The Browns were brought back 3 years later.
    He adopted a salary cap (1994).
    Under him, the NFL stretched from 28 to 32 teams.
    He was named as the most influential figure in sports by The Sporting News (2001).
    He was forthright in dealing with the sports durg issue in front of congress.

Credit: Neo NX2004 and Rocky

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