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The Littlest Hobo

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TV Series

The Resume

    Born in Canada
    Originally aired on CTV
    Family drama/adventure series
    Starring London as a nameless German Shepherd
    Based on an earlier series from the 60s (which in turn was based on a 1958 movie)
    Premise: A highly intelligent dog wanders from town to town helping people in need, but never staying in one place for long

Why The Littlest Hobo might be annoying:

    It was filmed on videotape.
    More than one dog played the title role, but all were billed as ‘London.’
    Considering it is a family show, some episodes are quite violent.
    London’s ‘stunt dog’ sometimes performed dangerous tricks such as using a parachute.
    The dog’s name is widely but wrongly thought to be ‘Hobo.’
    Although often offered a good home, the dog prefers the vagabond lifestyle.
    Like Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, the dog routinely outthinks humans (and sometimes even reads their minds).
    An episode based on ‘Casablanca’ includes the line, ‘Here’s looking at you, dog.’

Why The Littlest Hobo might not be annoying:

    It employed the animal trainer from the original film and series.
    London allegedly understood over 1000 words.
    The show attracted many notable guest stars such as Vic Morrow, Anne Francis and Al Waxman.
    Although a loner, the dog is happy to help any human in distress.
    It was spoofed on the Canadian programs ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ and ‘Corner Gas.’
    The popular theme song ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ was eventually released commercially.
    It came to surpass the original series in popularity.
    Its low key charm makes it a Canadian favorite.

Credit: Georgina

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