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The Resume

    (June 1, 1980- )
    Cable News Network
    Created by Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld
    Provides 24-hour news coverage
    Owned by Time Warner

Why CNN might be annoying:

    It has trouble finding 24 hours worth of news.
    Its more likely to devote most of its time to fluff stories or murder investigations.
    It took a huge hit in the 2000 election when Fox News received the largest share of the ratings.
    It aired debate shows like 'Crossfire' for decades.
    They took a dive in the ratings because of Fox News, which forces them to use the less objective 'Most Trusted Name in News' monicker.
    Its been trying to be friends with North Korea so they can cover their affairs.
    It provides serial husband Larry King with his own show.
    Its spin-off channels 'CNNfn' and 'CNN Sports Illustrated' tanked.
    Conservatives consider it part of the liberal establishment.

Why CNN might not be annoying:

    One gets to hear James Earl Jones bellow its tagline, 'This is CNN.'
    It introduced the concept of 24-hour news coverage.
    Its coverage of the first Gulf War cemented its place in the news community (1991).
    It has 10 domestic bureaus and 21 international bureaus.
    It tries to cover stories from an international perspective.
    It was the first to break many news stories, like the September 11, 2001 WTC attacks.
    It was one of the first networks to make extensive use of the Internet.

Credit: Captain Howdy

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