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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

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    (November 2, 1936- )
    Canada's state-owned radio and television service
    First television broadcast began on September 6, 1952 in Montreal (CBFT)
    Programs include: Hockey Night In Canada, The National and the Fifth Estate

Why Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) might be annoying:

    Some people have dubbed them the Mother Corporation, Canadian Bias Channel and the Careful-not-to-offend Broadcasting Corporation.
    They have an unfair advantage in the Canadian television marketplace.
    They compete with private broadcasters for advertising dollars, while receiving government subsidies.
    They costs each Canadian taxpayer $50 per year.
    They are accused of cultural elitism.
    They take a strong liberal political point of view.
    They are accused of being anti-American.
    During a post 9/11 segment on 'National Town Hall' they expressed that America's foreign policy provoked the attack. That infuriated viewers on both sides of the border.
    They are way too politically correct.
    After the 7/7/05 London underground bombings, they refused to use the word 'terrorists.'
    They insist the word terrorists 'is a highly controversial term that can leave journalists taking sides in a conflict.'
    Because French is a manditory language they have a spin-off channel SRC in each market. SRC appears in markets where there are only a handful of French speakers.

Why Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) might not be annoying:

    CBC Television is the first broadcaster required to caption all it's programs.
    Their early radio & television logos are pretty cool.
    It broadcasts 'Hockey Night In Canada' (1952- ) and 'The Beachcombers' (1972-1989).
    Their sports & Olympic coverage is outstanding.
    It is very popular in Quebec and gets very high ratings there.
    Lorne Greene Lorne Michaels, John Candy Dan Aykroyd, Michael J. Fox Peter Jennings, Morley Safer and Mike Myers began their careers on CBC.

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