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Dorothy Hamill

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Figure Skater

The Resume

    (July 26, 1956- )
    Raised in Riverside, Connecticut
    Won the Olympic Gold Medal for figure skating (1976)
    Won the World Championship (1976)
    Star of the Ice Capades (1977-84)
    Three time U.S. National Champion (1974, 75, 76)
    Bought the Ice Capades (1991)
    US Figure Skating Hall of Famer (1991)
    Does a commercial for Vioxx, a drug to treat arthritis

Why she might be annoying:

    When she was a top ranking junior skater, she would do her leaps and spins in practice, with disregard to the courteousy of other skaters on the ice.
    In a famous incident, she went on the ice while the partisan German crowd booed the judges for giving the hometown girl, Gerti Schanchet, low marks.
    She thought the crowd booed her, so she broke down and cried uncontrollably for several minutes.
    When the crowd realized what had happened, and Dorothy went back on to the ice to retrieve her skate guards, the crowd cheered her wildly to make up for it.
    She regained her composure and decided that she would skate, and won the Silver Medal at the World Championship (1974).
    She did hair product commercials.
    She married Dean Paul Martin (Dean Martin's son), but that marriage only lasted a few years.
    Her second marriage also ended in divorce.
    She declared bankruptcy (1994).
    She did a hair commercial for Short & Sassy and another commercial for Lifesavers.
    She does a commercial for Vioxx.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her wedge hair style became popular in the mid '70s.
    She suffers from nerves and sometimes skates with anxiety.
    When she purchased the Ice Capades, she eliminated their weekly weigh-in of skaters, feeling that it humiliated them.
    She is left handed.
    A spin she perfected was named in her honor 'The Hamill Camel.'
    Ladies Home Journal once selected her 'The Most Trusted Woman in the United States.'
    On her official web site, she doesn't whore out junk to sell.
    She does charity work for the American Cancer Society and Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
    She helped raise $4,000,000 for the Ronald McDonald House.
    She spends time with the March of Dimes, teaching blind children to ice skate.
    Despite being superstitious, she skated 13th on Friday February 13, the day she won the Olympic Gold Medal.

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